So yesterday went something like this...

Woke up, went to church with my family.  Came home, had two rice cakes with peanut butter and jam and set out on my run.  Ran 9.9 miles in the cold.  Grabbed a snack of a few almonds, dried mango slices, and a pear for the car trip to my godfather's house.  Guzzled a bottle of water.  Snacked on crudites, hummus, and a few multigrain chips and salsa, plus a glass of wine before dinner.  Ate salad, beets, carrots, tomatoes, four olives and rice pilaf for dinner.  Two glasses of wine.  One slice of my vegan bananas foster cake.  Water, tea, and water.  D

This morning...
Magically 131?!  WTF.  Additionally, I went out for another run - I was only planning on three miles, but my left foot is totally inflamed and painful, so I turned back and headed home.  UGH.  I hope that I just ate something salty enough to cause water retention gain.  I am very frustrated that even though I have upped my exercise by a lot, my weight is not good.  My 170 calorie breakfast was rice chex, unsweetened almond milk and frozen peaches.  I'm having a serving of almonds (high in calories, I know - I should shy away from those) for a snack and packing fruit salad and soup to take to work.  I need to get these numbers down.  Maybe tomorrow I'll stick to liquids only?  I don't know.  I need to do something.

And one last thing, I sort of laughed because I mentioned how amazed I was that I managed to gather 100 readers... no sooner did I speak then I lost one... oh well, c'est la vie.


Anonymous said...

Hey hon,
That is shitty that your weight is higher than you expected...It probably is just water retention or something. Or maybe all of the exercise is building up muscle which is obviously heavier than fat. Don't worry- I'm sure you will see the benefits in your weight soon though.
Wow that watch you bought for Juan is beautiful- I can tell you now my boy won't be getting something that flash for Valentine's Day- you are obviously a great girlfriend!
Don't worry about lost follower- their loss ;-)!
Love Lorna x x x

Anonymous said...

You're intake seems really healthy (and delicious) and you're burning loads of calories in your running, so there should be no reason why your weight is that high! I was reading something about glycogen causes weight flucuations so maybe that's it? We use up our glycogen through diet and exercise but when our liver tries to replace the lost glycogen, it causes a jump on weight. That's all I really know about it though. That watch looks very nice! I'm sure Juan will love it! When it comes to buying gifts (especially for guys) I I'm going to keep the watch in mind for the future!

Athena said...

Thanks for your comment, dear, it was lovely :)

Oooh, I'm so excited that you like Johnny Flynn too! He is gorgeous and amazing... definitely in love :)

Don't get too disheartened by your current weight. I'm sure that if you carry on eating healthily, as you are, and doing loads of exercise it'll all drop of really quick!

Also, that watch is lovely... I'm sure your boyfriend will love it.



Nerisaga said...

Awesome watch!

And the, might it be because you gained muscles weight by running? I think if you cannot actually SEE any gain, then it's not accurate...muscles will help you out in the long run with weightless even though you see the numbers upper on the scale.

Meh, you probably know all of this already, but sometimes it's good to hear someone else says it to.. :)

A Quiet Battle said...

All your meals sound so delicious and super healthy! And though your weight might not be what you WANT it to be, you're doing right by your health.

That watch is very attractive. I'm sure Juan will be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you've gone for a really amazing long run and eaten well for a day, and the next day you've not lost a thing or even gained! I'm sorry hun :( It's so sucky, and probably just is something salty you ate which is causing water retention.

You're doing so amazing with all your running, you definitely have inspired me to go running after I've finished blogging a fair few times! So thankyou for that :D

And that is a gorgeous watch! I'm pretty sure Juan will love it :) You two seem so cute and know each other very well.


Kat not Jas said...

^^^ Seriously! You're doing amazingly! Eating healthy foods, running... You've definitely got me beat! :)

The weight, I'm sure, will fall off in no time... and I'm sure all that running's got you in phenomenal shape already!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Shit Sarah, I hope your foot's gonna be ok.

That watch is beautiful. He's gonna love it! Nice job on the bargain! <3. XXX.

bonesarepure said...

he will def love the watch hun i just know it
im sorry about ur foot hun thats not good mayb it would b best to just take one day off of running give it alil time to heal from whatever is wrong with it

Mich said...

Nice watch! I bet he'll love it.

Hope your foot feels better. As much as it suck anxiety-wise, it's definitely better to let it heal before straining it too much.


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