Fasting until Saturday?

There is no way I am going to be 3-4 pounds lighter tomorrow.  I definitely have to fast today and tomorrow, but seriously, I am sabotaging myself.  I was supposed to be 125 by the time I cut my hair, then I compromised with 129, well, there's no way.  Fasting is definitely in order.

For those of you who asked about my new hairstyle...

I am pretty nervous, I have hair down to the middle of my back now.  I would post a picture, but honestly, I am too embarrassed with the way I look right now.  I know I am doing a good thing by donating it, but it is still scary at the moment.  I know once it is all off I will feel fine and completely motivated to stop putting food in my gluttonous mouth.

I really hope there is some sort of miracle today and between the gym, hydrating, and staying away from food, that I can be more comfortable.  How did I let myself gain again?  I vowed never to be over 130.

I think I am going to go to the gym early for an hour of cardio (on the elliptical, since I still cannot run on account of my foot), my class, and an extra set or two of the weight circuit.  I know I have been lifting weights quite often now, so some of my gain might be on account of that, but honestly, my body is looking fatter, not leaner, so I know it's not a good enough excuse.

Update... I did half an hour on the elliptical before class, then the 45 minute bursting class, which totally kicked my ass this morning.  My arms and legs felt like jelly afterward, so I did not return to the elliptical or lift at all.  I wish I wasn't so weak and could pump out two hours at the gym.  Anyway, I have been drinking lots - water, tea, almond milk - and had homemade carrot/sweet potato soup for lunch.  I know that it is low in calories and filling, so I think it is a good choice for fasting.  I am going to make it through tonight on more soup (lentil maybe?) and tea.  I can totally handle this.


amy said...

i've always loved her haircut - i'm sure it will look amazing on you

Nerisaga said...

I love the pic of the haircut...although I'm biased because I usually have pretty short hair myself. :P
It's so cute and chic, I'm sure you will look lovely in it...YES, despite not reaching 125 before cutting it.

Don't panic too much - up until last week I binged like a lonely crazy lady collecting cats. But there's always room to fix it, right, right! :D
And who knows, maybe your body, especially your muscles are going through some changes at the moment...just be strong and put yourself above it. Oh, and preferable, if possible...SMILE! :D

DressageWoman said...

I keep track of not only my weight, but my measurements, too. I feel like the measurements are more motivating, sometimes, than the weight because weight can fluctuate so much.

Love the pixie style cuts! I always wondered what I would look like with such a hair cut but I love my long hair too much to part with it. My hair is down to my lower back-- it is very long. My hair was about your length when i cut it all off to my chin when I was 19 (11 years ago). It was the worst mistake I ever made. It was cute, for a week, but then I hated it. I vowed to never cut my hair again! I admire you for having the bravery to cut all of your hair off! You should be excited-- and post pics! I know we'd all love to see! :-)

A Quiet Battle said...

That haircut will be so cute on you! I'd love to see pics when you get it.

Also, some of the weight could definitely be from lifting. When you lift heavy, you tear your muscles and the muscles then tend to hold onto water. I've always gained when I lifted.

Anonymous said...

I bet you're going to look adorable in your new hairstyle! People tend to be nervous about getting drastic change in hair style so that's completely normal, but you're doing an awesome thing by donating it! When I starting weights (which I need to re-starting again) I gained some weight. So I bet you're more lean muscle now since you're exercising and eating well! I wish you luck through your fast the rest of the day!

Dani said...

i bet the haircut will look great on u hun
and hey at lest u got to the gym thats a good thing

Sophie said...

oh that haircut's so cute :) I love pixie-cropped hair, but am too self-conscious about that my ears are big to brave the chop myself! Do let us see some pictures when it's done! xx

sofia said...

good luck with fasting! and good job at getting to the gym!
i wish i had the guts to cut my hair, but im growing it out long, so i can curl it better. :D

stay lovely. <3


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