I have so many clothes that do not fit.

I just measures my hips and they are almost 40 inches. Yes, 4-0. 

I cried. 

I am slipping into a deep loathing for my body again.


Ruby Tuesday said...

If I was there with you
I would dry your tears
Burn that measuring tape
And tell you how wonderful you are until you believe me
Please don't let your body effect you so much
I know it's easier said than done
I try to go by how I feel on the inside
Rather than how I look
Not easy but it's the only way I don't break down every day

Got your email
I am just home
Emailed you back

Take care sweet one x

AVY said...

Nooo, don't do that. You're so much more than that, a rare person who should love herself.

/ Avy

Anonymous said...

I think clothes that don't fit when they used to fit just fine has got to be one of the worst feelings. I recently went through all of my clothes, trying them on, and those that didn't fit I put away in a bin. I was upset about it because I've gained weight and now I can't fit into the majority of my wardrobe. But instead of letting it get me down too much, I just told myself that they're my "first goal weight clothes."

Jenn said...

Me too..... I finally went shopping for bigger clothes. And I FEEL SKINNIER because I'm not squishing out all over.

I start back at the gym tomorrow. I signed up my son, who's 12 now so we can go together. It's gonna be fun.

feel better kissy face


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