And I thought it couldn't get worse


This email is to ask that you please move on and no longer contact me. I have rekindled my relationship with Sandra, and my energy and focus is in my relationship with her.  Please respect my decision. There is no need to reply to this email.



Oh, and he cc'ed her.  Her, as in his ex girlfriend who he was still with when we hooked up.  The girl who he cheated on WITH ME.  



Peridot (G+P) said...


Wasn't it Juan who decided to re-initiate contact with you or am I confused?

You say goodbye nicely and he CCs her in on an email that make you sound like a stalker?

(I would be tempted to send her a copy of the goodbye letter so she is clear on the situation, but it probably isn't a helpful action)

Wow, Juan really is a fucked-up piece of work.

She is welcome to the cheating scumbag. He cheated on her once, he'll do it again. Just make sure he doesn't get the chance to fuck you around again. There are infinitely superior male specimens out there.

If all else fails, come round and we'll get tipsy and mouth off about assholes we've known and then watch movies or go dancing or kill things in computer games. Whatever floats your boat.

You are worth so much more than this kind of fuckery. I really want to just lightly punch his face in right now. What a SCUMBAG. How DARE he treat you like this?!? Emotional manipulation skills of a Grand Master. So angry.

*Hugs you tightly*

ruby-tuesday said...

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry
That is so cold and heartless
I hope that you can move on and find true happiness
You deserve so much better than him

Love to you x

Loulou said...
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Miranda said...

Soooo heartless. He literally tossed you away like a piece of trash. Nobody deserves that. If that's not the message you need to move on then I don't know what is. Don't give him the satisfaction of pining. You deserve better then that.

Eloise18 said...

He clearly needs to prove to her that he wants to be with her (because of cheating in the past) and is using you in order to show her this.
He is being a total wanker and I'm so sorry xxx

Loulou said...

This is (very!) unbelievable! So horrible! But he seems to have to prove something not only to himself but especially to her. This is very weak and also not particularly convincing. But his weakness does not excuse how he is treating you, especially after what you have been through with your friend poppy. I'm sry (for being an "almost stranger") I rarely comment but I always read. As I have been through quite a lot as well I can only say, you are very very brave dealing with all you have to deal with, please do hold on and believe in the good things!


Claire said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry.
Hopefully this is the final page of your relationship. After all the uncertainty I hope this will help you let go and fill your life with people who actually deserve your time and affection.
You're such a wonderful person- please never forget that. They way you have been treated and the hard times you've been through don't change that. I know you're still hurting but it will get better. You can get through this xxx

Olivia Lee said...

He is not worth one more breath. stupid little thing. You are more than his limited conception of love.


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