My humblest appologies

I am sincerely sorry for the extended absence.

Why I neglected to begin posting right after he left is embarrassing.  Between the weekend with Juan eating out for almost every meal, and this past week/weekend with being at work and simply not exercising enough and not logging enough miles, my weight is horrific.  My goal was to be under 130 by Juan's arrival.  I was 133ish, which is too high in itself.  Then, I proceeded to gain over the past week and a half, and I am ashamed of what my weight is now.

I know that is a pathetic reason, but I can't help it.  I'm embarrassed for breaking goals and promises.

I bought a new bathing suit (eeek!) this week, and I am likely going to visit Juan's family in sunny Southern California in the beginning of June.  Knowing how poorly I have performed lately and knowing that I look disgusting in said bathing suit, I feel more determined than ever to restrict and amp up my exercise.  Starting today, I am on a 48hr fast.  Green tea, water, coffee, and a variety of no-calorie beverages plus half a banana or apple before I run/take my exercise class so I don't pass out.  I need to be better.  This is the summer when I am going to get down to my goal 115-118. I want to run fast in my races this year, and yes I am signed up for a 5k, finally.  I'm likely signing up for a half-marathon at the end of August too.

I desperately need to catch up on reading and commenting - thank you Mich for dropping me a line, I'm sorry I've been missing.  I loved your last cartoons on your post!  Adeline, you are so freaking brave.  Let me know what I can do to help you, and I promise this week I will send you some mail :)  Dani, we need to find you somewhere where you can get help for free.  I am going to do some research and see what counseling services are available in NJ - you can't live like this.  Everyone needs to follow Lita - she is kicking ass, she's gorgeous, and there's no doubt she will actually achieve her dreams of being a model.  Sofia, you look so pretty in your picture, don't be so hard on yourself (I know, the pot calling the kettle 'black').  Peri, I've got to get caught up on your entries, they always make me love you a little bit more!  And how could I almost forget Zette!!!  You're fabulous... enough said!

Anyway, I don't mean to leave anyone out, but those are a few shout-outs that popped into mind.  I love you all, every comment really helps me.  Thank you for your support.


Lita said...

Cuuuute!! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post - you are so sweet and I hope you are right!! Good luck reaching your goals, I know you can do it :)

Eloise18 said...

Welcome back! It all sounds lovely and that is a great photo :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I have missed you so so much, in fact I'm confident I've missed you more than anyone. Thank you for mentioning me, it lit something up in my heart.

Love you millions as always,
Adeline xx

Peridot (G+P) said...

OooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!KISSIES!!!! XD

You both look SO hot and SO cute and that is THE PERFECT place for a smooch and I just wanna scruffle your heads! ^.^

/squee XD

Just promise me you'll look after yourself and when you do put on the bathing suit NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE act like you don't give a fuck, like you're the hottest thing on earth since Aphrodtie (Juan will think so!) and people should be bowing to kiss your feet.

Awww thank you for the shoutout *Glomps* Did you go to the natural history museum in New York? GAH I WANNA HEAR EVERYTHING!!!!1! TELL US AAAAAAAAAAAALLL!!!



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