Fasting Friday

Good morning my little chickadees :)

I started my day off right today by going to my 6:15am class and then running three miles on the treadmill (my doctor-imposed restriction because of my stress fracture is 3 miles every other day).  Now I am happily sipping on a smoothie (spinach, a splash of orange juice, frozen berries and mango, a kiwi, a spoonful of plain soy yogurt, 1tsp ground flax seeds and water) in preparation for my fast with Adeline.  I suppose, being in New Zealand and all, that by the time I am writing this she will be nearly done.  But I'm going to think of you all day today, Miss Adeline!  When I fast, I stick strictly to liquids, usually a smoothie in the morning after I work out, then tea and water throughout the day and a vegetable, not creamy, pureed soup for dinner.  I will definitely need a cup of tea in a few minutes after freezing myself up with this smoothie!

I did not weigh myself this morning, because I worked out so early that I knew my weight would be off. I'll weigh before bed tonight and then decide whether I'm going to continue the fast tomorrow.

Nerisaga, you asked about my knitting - honestly I took up knitting because I needed some sort of stress outlet.  This was long before I discovered exercise, but I haven't stopped since I learned sometime in high school.  It sounds like with all of the nonsense with your broken car you could use a bit of stress relief too!  (Side note my dear, I absolutely do the same thing when I know I want to enjoy a glass - or two - of wine... usually I just skip breakfast or lunch in order to allow myself the extra calories)  The great thing about knitting is that there is always a new challenge, but it doesn't take much to have someone quite professional looking.  Also, unlike baking or cooking, you can make something for someone that they will enjoy, use, and have forever.  Here are my two latest projects...

The shell on the turtle is a little sweater, so you can take it off.  I can't wait to deliver him today!  The sweater is for a little new baby name Mia, so I have to mail it off to San Diego today or tomorrow.

And without further ado, I suppose I should post my ten Honest Scrap facts...

1.  I have three "phobias" - I am scared of being scared.  For example, I hate scary movies, or even movies with remotely scary bits.  Have you ever seen The DaVinci Code?  Do you remember the part when Paul Bettany's scary albino priest character is chasing Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks in the church... I cried.  Enough said.  I am scared of being alone - particularly in my house.  I just want to know that someone else is around, just in case.  And finally, I am scared of tunnels that go under water.  I just always think that I'm going to be stuck in traffic and the whole thing is going to fill with water and I'll be trapped and drown.  Needless to say, I prefer the George Washington Bridge over the Lincoln Tunnel.

2.   I desperately want to have a Brittany Spaniel someday.  I need a small-ish, smart, adventurous dog to keep up with my active lifestyle.  I work for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder, and her husband has two Brittanies for hunting dogs - I absolutely adore their personalities.

3.  I graduated college with a degree in Communication Studies/Public Relations and half of my pre-med courses finished with full intentions of getting my masters degree in Health Communication and then becoming a doctor.  I've changed my mind quite a bit now and I want to get a degree in Public Health but the end goal of working in humanitarian aid has remained unchanged.

4.  I was always quite musical as a child/teenager but really haven't done much with it lately.  I started on the piano, then studies the flute and piccolo with private lessons, decided to pick up the violin, which I studied seriously for six years, dabbled with mallet percussion (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, etc.) and always sang in church and in musical theater.  One year I was in a summer production of Fiddler on the Roof and was indeed, the fiddler, among other parts.

5. When I use scissors to cut things, like cutting a long sheet of paper, I unconsciously move my jaw in accordance the the scissors.  Totally weird, I know.

6.  Someday, I want to go to French Polynesia for my honeymoon.

7.  My favorite food in the whole wide world is goat cheese, and I gave it up for a more ethically sound diet.  It's honestly the only thing I miss as a vegan.

8.  I have thought that I was always chubby/fat/pudgy/fill-in-your-own-adjective since I was in the fourth grade.  I had a few tall lanky friends and a few tiny petite friends as a kid, but was always the roundest.  My parents have been obese most of my life, until recently, so I am paranoid about gaining weight.

9.  I love to be in love.  While I am discriminate about who I actually fall in love with, I slip into the role of a girlfriend very quickly.  I definitely prefer to be coupled and love being able to give to someone.  I am very fortunate that things are working out so well with Juan.  I am not just in love with the idea of him, I am truly in love with him and I want nothing more than to share a life together.

10.  I latch onto phrases for a while and they become a bit obnoxious in my everyday vernacular.  Some of my current favorites include "Just sayin," "Fo shizzle," "Wanna hug it out?," and "Oh goodness!"

And two little bonus facts, just for kicks...

11.  I really don't think I have a singular favorite song.  Someone asked me the other day and I could not come up with one song that is my absolutely favorite.  Maybe this needs more thought, but I don't think I'm going to settle on just one.

12. I had my first sex dream about Pierce Brosnan, haha (Too much information? sorry!)... I was probably 14 or 15?  I think I may have just seen him in The Thomas Crown Affair... he may been quite a bit too old for me, but he's still damn sexy :)

And now, I nominate...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Nerisaga said...

Thanks for the knitting info, yeah, I should do some thing to relieve all the stress and the turtle is so cute!! (And expensive looking).

LOL @ the jaw thing with the scissors...and I'm super impressed by #3. Priorities my change but there will always be an opportunity for education. :)
And to tell you the truth, you seem like such a wonder child - extremely creative!

Oh my, seems like I have my work cut out...I'll probably do it sometime this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Those things you knitted are so freaking cute! I want to learn! It knitting harder than crocheting? I also hate scary movies :/. I say "Just sayin'" all the time too! When I make a comment that may come across as rude, I always follow it up with, "Hey, I'm just sayin'" =) lol about the sex dream- I too have had a couple about some really smexy guy celebs :D

DressageWoman said...

i hear you about the Pierce Brosnan thing-- he is sexy. I am a huge James Bond fan, and he is the hottest James Bond, no doubt! Older men are super hot-- especially ones that look and sound like him!

Athena said...

Oooh you have totally inspired me to want to start knitting! Those two items are adorable, and you're right, they're such lovely and personal gifts for someone.

I love learning more about you... numbers 4, 6, 9 and 10 are my favourites. And I completely understand what you mean about number one... me too! I never understood my fear until you just described it so well.

Good look in your fast, dear.



amy said...

ah we're similar! i hate being scared (scary movies, in house by myself), i'm very musical, and i want to work in humanitarian aid! and btw that turtle is absolutely to die for. you're so talented.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Ah? Wha? You wha?


You're insane, which is why I love you! *Shudders* Tunnels under water?? There is a reason why I've not been to Kelly Talton yet!!



Dani said...

aw i lov eur knittin the turtle is so cute
im glad that u can still run at least every other day
hows the ice and weather by u ugh its amess here roads are a mess and appl town is running out of salt lovely

aw that dog u want is so cute

Anonymous said...

Haha what a beautiful post - I'm so glad I nominated you! My goodness darling, those knitting projects are absolutely gorgeous! You inspire me to want to become as good as you.. and that little cardigan is making me sooooooo clucky..

Goats' cheese is one of my absolutely favourite things, too. Hopefully I'll have my own goat one day so I can feel morally justified in scoffing feta day and night :)

I love you so so much,
Adeline xx

sofia said...

i think i may have to take up knitting. you made it sound so enticing!
and your facts are way more interesting than mine! probably because youre a more interesting person! oh well, we are who we are. kesha song? hmph.
also, ive never had goats cheese. should i try it before i try to go vegan next month?

stay lovely. <3

AVY said...

Aaaw, the turtle <3

Tai said...

That turtle is amazing and adorable! I have been meaning to attempt knitting stuffed toys, they are such a comfort.

Thank you for sharing those facts. I love learning about those little tidbits.

Peridot (G+P) said...


SWEET!!! Now I can knit a turtle army!! Do you think fluro turtles would be a hit with toddlers? o.O

Thank you for your lovely comment on my Vlog :) You're far FAR too kind!



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