Fasting for myself

So I was doing really well yesterday - barely ate all day, honestly, and then I got home and my mother had baked cookies.  What do you know, I wake up this morning thinking that I could not have eaten enough to negatively impact my weight, I was so well behaved all day... WRONG.

I won't weight myself and post that weight until after I have gone to the gym, but my first morning weight was absolutely abominable and disgusting.  Today, I am legitimately fasting.  No juice or spoonfuls of peanut butter if I feel faint.  Water and tea for a little energy boost.  I can do it today - I feel determined.

My body is certainly building muscle with my new workout regimen, but is failing to shed the excess fat that could so easily drip off of my thighs, back, arms and stomach.  I want to be lithe and strong, not bulky and gross like I am now.  I want to easily slip into a pair of size 0 jeans, not question whether my thighs might fit into a 4 or 6 (though with all of the vanity sizing companies do now, I do own some 2s that fit just fine).  I want my waist to be teeny and defined and under 24 inches.  I want to be able to run a 5k in under 24 minutes.

You ladies are all so incredible.  It saddens me when I see your teeny tiny selves depressed about not being under 100 pounds or whatever makes you unhappy.  You are beautiful, I promise.

Thank you to everyone who was so encouraging about my acceptance into graduate school!


I wrote the first bit of that before going to the gym this morning - I am feeling much better now.  I ran a 5k in 23.55 :)  My fastest ever, and then I worked really hard in my class.  More than 850 calories GONE.  I refuse to eat today.  I feel empowered to fast.  It's not punishment, it is to prove that I can do it and that my body needs to listen to me and stop holding on to weight it doesn't need.  I weighed 131 after the gym, which is ridiculous.  I am hoping that today's fast will really help me lose some water weight and fat.

Time to go Skype with Juan :)

Oh, and please check out Tai's vlog!  She made such a sweet Valentine's Day post!


Olivia Lee said...

Also, low pulp orange juice has 50cals per 8oz. Good for a snack if you feel faint! :) Sending you skinnies darling.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your fast! I CAN do it! You're strong =). Fasting because you want to makes it so much eaiser than fasting out of punishment. I hate vanity sizing! Scales can be unreliable, clothes can be unreliable...seems like the only thing that is reliable nowadays is mesaurements, but even those can't tell you how much is muscle or fat. I want to slip into size 0s too- we can both get there :)

Louise said...

Wow, your day is inspiring - 850 calories in one session is something I'd die to be able to do!
Best of luck with your fast, you are so strong. Sending you skinnies xx

Nerisaga said...

WOOOOAAAA!! You seems to be unstoppable at the moment. Awesome. Throw some powah this way :P

I know what you mean about sizes...probably that's why I hate shopping for clothes. It used to be so much fun...but I don't like it anymore.

Thanks for the comment by the way, I'll see if I can find some way to release all the stress. Cheers! :)

amy said...

good luck with the rest of your fast! i'm sure you'll make it through no problems. and you will definitely lose, especially after that wowza gym session! stay strong x

Dani said...

good luck with ur fast hunny

Sarah said...

Well done! That workout is AMAZING!! I'm totally inspired! <3 <3

Tai said...

Today I got a package in the mail from my Dad for valentines day. It was a huge tin full of cookies. Parents+Baked goods= gym forever!!! Also, vanity sizing is evil!!!

I'm glad you had such a great workout! I too will work my ass off at the gym tomorrow. Stay strong, you too are wonderful the way you are!


Peridot (G+P) said...

My day was. . . interesting XD

It certainly sound like you had a good one! I hope the rest of the week is good too <3

Mich said...

Great workout!! I feel accomplished if I can do 5k in 40 minutes. :/

Hope the rest of your fast is going well. <3


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