The end of January

January just flew by for me.  Maybe it's because I have been busy with work, going to the gym, and getting my school applications together - with a bit of knitting and cooking in between.

Here's the latest picture of my haircut - I dyed it blonder on Friday night because all of my blondest hair was chopped off :)  I have never dyed my hair before and I think it turned out quite well.  I am feeling so motivated to get down to my ultimate goal weight now.  This hair is pixie-ish and I need to be as teeny tiny as one.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I was to see all of your wonderful comments about my photos!  Cinnamon Brown, Adeline, Peridot, Helen, Eloise, Athena, Peridot, Amy, Dani, Zette, Victoria, Nerisaga, DressageWoman, A Quiet Battle, Astrid, Ariana, and 118 of Bust! - thank you all so much for the kind words.  I was kind of nervous to cut it but I know I am doing something nice and I feel sort of liberated now!  I just need to get down to my goal so I can look spectacular.

I hit the gym this morning and weight 130.4 afterward.  I just ran a 5k and did the weight circuit - the Dr. said I am allowed to run three miles every other day, so I started this morning.  My foot still hurts, so I definitely cannot run again tomorrow.  

I want to be under 130 tomorrow after going to the gym.  I can do it and be on my way back down soon.  Have a great Monday my little chickadees.  Fill your tummies with warm tea and super nutritious, but low in calorie, fruits and veggies.  I don't know what I would do without you.


Nerisaga said...

Soooo cuuute! Makes me want to cut my hair too :P

Ah, it's great news that you can start running again...see, maybe things are looking up! ;)

natmtl said...

you look fabulous!

Athena said...

You look stunning, dear. And I have to say, I always adore your posts.

Everything sounds so good for you right now, I hope to see you get to the weight you want... I know you'll get there :)

Happy monday to you too!


Dani said...

i relaly really love the hair
im glad that ur doc said u canrun again

amy said...

i LOVE that picture of you. so gorgeous. x

Anonymous said...

Blonde looks really great on you! And the pixie style is always adorable. You'll get down to your goal weight soon and you'll be rockin' that hair! At least your foot is starting to heal and you can still run, even though you can't run every day like you love too. Nothing is better than warm tea on a cold, cloudy afternoon ♥

Olivia Lee said...

Oh, super cute. Reminds me of tinkerbell, and I LOVE disney! You can totally hit under 130 tomorrow dear!

Mich said...

You're so pretty and cute!! You do look like a dainty little pixie. <3

Peridot (G+P) said...


Ugh, you're GORGEOUS!! XD You look kinda like Kess from Voyager in that shot, but slimmer.

Lol, that picture nearly killed me with TCP (Terminal Cuteness Poisoning) too. Dr Tinycat to the OR, Stat!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!



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