A little miracle

I saw a little miracle when I hopped on the scale after my run today and it read 127.0. That's correct. Plateaus be damned because I am on my way down again!

This morning, I ran an easy-paced 3.2 miles and then walked my parents' dog Petey for another 4.2 this afternoon. Overall, I think it was a pretty good day. I had a baby soy yogurt for breakfast, left-over salad for lunch, a few bites of chocolate, a mini Luna bar, and hot chocolate made with plain unsweetened almond milk, 1 T cocoa powder and sugar-free hazelnut syrup.

I am finishing up my Columbia University application tonight/tomorrow. Polishing my resume, re-writing my personal statement and writing a bit about post-graduation goals. The "soft" deadline is December 1st, so I want to submit it Tuesday night at the latest. I am excited to submit all of my applications and start moving forward with my life again!

Thank you for all of the congratulatory remarks on my 5k. Obviously, 26 minutes is hardly competitive, but I am not a runner by trade and I am quite proud! It just goes to show that you can really do anything you set your mind to. Even if you do not think you like running, I suggest you try it. When I crank up my iPod and go, I am so distracted by the music and beautiful scenery that I release so much stress. For example, yesterday was a REALLY long day at work, I had hardly talked to Juan in the past 48 hours, and my extended family came over for dinner (I barely ate all day in preparation). So, at dinner, I ate two helpings of salad, a baked potato with hummus, and a glass of wine. Honestly, afterward, I felt so heavy and disgusting that it made me completely depressed. I was totally gloomy the rest of the night, and knew that this morning I needed to just get out of bed and put my sneakers on. I felt so much better when I got back from my run.

One last bit of new before I go off to comment - my family is getting another cat! We already have six outdoor, one indoor, and two dogs, but there is this amazing little cat at the hospital where I work who had to have one of his front legs amputated due to an accident. He is the sweetest thing and my parents agreed to adopt him! I promise that when he is all healed and ready to come home, I will post pictures :)

I hope everyone had a lovely, thinspired weekend. We can be strong and do this. If you had a bad week last week, turn it around. Try and focus on one small area where you can make a change. All of those small changes add up to a lot of progress.


Elara said...

I have a three-legged dog! Strange as it sounds, that must be awfully cute on a kitten.

Doesn't it sometimes feel like exercise takes more resolve than restriction? Keep basking in the endorpin release, you've really done so well.

VictoriaCrimson said...

Ahh that's awesome! Wow, Colombia. I wish you the best of luck, sincerely :) That's absolutely awesome. Everything sounds great where you're coming from, so keep up the great progress!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rowing tips!! And congrats on showing that plateau who's boss :]

Peridot (G+P) said...

Yay! Another knitter! *Glomps*

Ooooooh, give the kitty a hug from me, ok? What are you guys calling him? (Please not stumpy!)

Anonymous said...

awww kitty! lol i totally agree with your last paragraph, lets make this next week SO sucessful and full of will power. we can do it!

Cinnamon Brown said...

That is truely FANTASTIC, Babe! You're going to be so thin in the new year, I'm so proud of you!

I'm still amazed! I can run 5km, but definitely not in 26mins! Awesome!

Luna bars look seriously yummy and healthy too.

Keeping fingers crossed for your application to Columbia.

Thanks for that last paragraph, I really needed to hear it!

Give the new kitty a big kiss from me. XXX.

Sea said...

Hello from a new follower :) Your last paragraph is so optimistic & encouraging. Thanks for that.

Good luck with Columbia & nice work on the run!!

Bree said...

Thank you for the lovely comments. 26 is by no means terrible for a 5k; it's actually very respectable! I wish you the best of luck with Columbia, and please keep us posted. Thanks for being such an inspiration. :)

teaspoon said...

Wow, seriously again congrats on the milage! haha :)
And yes, my tales of M and Malfoy are ridiculous, but then again - SO ARE BOYS!

You are such a 'thin'speration. Seriously. You do so well and I hope you will keep it up :) Nice to break the plateau!
Good luck on the application. My personal statement is taking just forever and I hate it. Thankfully my deadline is January 15th.

Anonymous said...

127?! I'm so jealous! But a good jealous of course =). Your mileage that you run is amazing! 7.4 miles in a day- that would take me about an hour and half to run! That's like 700 calories burned!

What kind of soy yogurt do you get? I didn't want to go vegan because I love coffee creamer & yogurt, but I could use almond milk (which is a amazing!) and eat soy yogurt instead!

You've officially inspired me to start running again. I've ran a little bit on the treadmill before, but 20 minutes was my absolute longest (I do about 5 mph). Only thing is, when I start jogging, after a while I start getting really out of breath. Either I have some for of exercise asthma or I'm just out of shake cardio-wise. I think I could star slow and work my way up to longer distances.

Aww...you get to get a new kitty! That's awesome =). I think kitties are so adorable! We only have one dog and my folks hate cats, so I'm pretty much out of luck getting one for now :/.

And that last paragraph was so inspiring! This past weekend was awful- I try to fast, end up eating a ton, and then gain the weight back I worked hard to lose. But like you said, I need to turn it around, stop focusing on how I messed up, and instead focus on the small areas that I can change. Weight doesn't come on in one day so I'm not going to be able to lose it all in one day, so if I can focus on the little areas that I can change, the rest will follow! :D

Alice D said...

the way you talk about running inspires and motivates me so much. i used to be really into running, but i found it hurt my knees and ankles. i think it is because i have very weak ankles. any suggestions on how to prevent this? i know you might not know how, but it is worth asking. aw, i am so excited to see pictures of this cat! i adore cats. i have this sneaking suspicion that only my cat understands me. also, is that you in your profile picture? if so, how pretty!
alice d.

Erin Rose said...

this is sooo funny. i just volunteered at a turkey trot and one of my followers posted a link to your blog because they knew you ran one too.

mine was in MD. if you dont mind me asking, where was yours????

bony bunny said...

Yay congratulations! Wow, I wish I could be 127 right now :( And I completely agree about the music while running...also music is such great thinspiration in general!! Good luck xox

bonesarepure said...

u did have a nice runa nd walk today
god i really wanna run but it just hurts my leg to much
and ur right running releaves so much stress and it just clears ur head of everything i mess that clearness all the time
yay for losing again tahts great

and yes please can ihave some recipes that would b amazing ive been eating way to much dairy an dit hurts so bad


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