Still a bit blah

132.8 this morning. Thankfully, my weight went down a bit. Yesterday was just not a good day, overall.

Today, I skipped running and I am going to try and drink tea all day. I had one piece of homemade bread (not sure of how many calories - probably 150) with a tiny bit of Smart Balance Light. I know I am having pumpkin soup for lunch (also homemade) but I will skip the bread during lunch.

As always, my goal is to be less tomorrow than I was today. I need to just do it.

Sorry I do not have something more profound to write today. I just felt kind of under the weather all day yesterday and feel about the same today. Maybe after I Skype with Juan I will pep up a bit.

P.S. I love chai. Right now I am sipping Twining's Super Spice Chai with a splash of soymilk. It is the only tea I really like sweetened, so a small spoonful of honey would make it perfect, but I must shun those extra calories.


Mich said...

That Twinings Chai is good stuff.

Hope you're feeling better than yesterday. xoxo

Ava-Rose said...

mmmm I love chai too! I get low calorie chai sachets that r pretty good!!
Keep trying :)


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