Je suis rentrée encore!

I apologize for the extended absence. My friend from France has been here for the past month and we were busy adventuring all over the place and because we shared my room while she was here blogging about my weight woes was not really an option.

We had a fabulous time (see the photos I will post later today) and she inspired me to keep my eating controlled, even when we were eating out. My friend Pauline is impossibly thin, and unfortunately, she makes me look ridiculously large in photos next to her.

Where am I now? Well, my weight was 132.2 this morning - respectable, only a slight gain over the three weeks, which is shocking, considering how often we ate out, had dinner parties (for my birthday!!!) and drank good wine. My goal this week is to get down to 130 or less, because Juan is arriving on Monday??? I can hardly believe it myself, but he has to come to Philadelphia for business and extended his trip a few days to be able to see me and meet my family. I am insanely nervous and excited at the same time - hopefully this will allow me to barely eat for the next week and lose these pesky pounds.

I hope everyone (anyone?) who reads this has been having a lovely September - back to school for some, or in my case the first time not going to school since I was 4.

I really want to catch up on everyone's blogs and get back to motivating each other...



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