Fasting begins in 90 minutes

I will begin my first 48 hour fast in less than 90 minutes. I wish I was a bit more mentally prepared, but I still think I can do this.

I ate fruits, veggies, and hydrated well today. This should serve me for the next two days.

Even if it's raining tomorrow, I might just have to go running. I have only gone for three or four runs in the past 30 days, which is absolutely pathetic. It will make me feel more energized and ready for my day.


Mich said...

You can do it! ;) I might join you in fasting. I just beasted 2 bowls of Lucky Charms and I feel like a beluga.
I love running in the rain. And biking in the rain. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but it's so refreshing.
Good luck with the fast!!!!!


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