Still losing

I was 132.2 when I woke up and 131.6 after my run this morning. It's just so exciting to see my hard work paying off. Being hungry all the time is SO worth it.

Today, I am trying to eat as little as possible. For breakfast I had a homemade popsicle (banana, blueberries, soymilk, and soy yogurt blended together - no added sugar, but not sure of the calories) and 50 calories worth of Better'n Peanut Butter (my favorite!). Tonight, we're having a special family dinner, so I am going to just drink water, coffee, and maybe a diet soda during the day. I know that we are having some kind of veggie pasta with side salads. If I'm good today, I can handle that. Big salad, barely any pasta (I'll ask for my special gluten-free kind, it's healthier)

Soon I'll be seeing 120's on the scale - I haven't seen a number that low in four years...

I have to bake lots of cupcakes for a party tomorrow, but I am going to be disciplined and NOT EAT THEM! The only problem is that I don't follow recipes super closely, so I end up needed to taste-test things, particularly frosting. I will be good today.

Edit: I was just thinking, I really do not feel or think I look any thinner. I have lost 10 pounds in the past 3 weeks and yet I don't think I look any different... I have an excellent digital Tanita scale - it couldn't be lying to me, could it?

Edit #2: I just finished dinner with my family... 134.4 now. I took some of my herbal supplements to help get everything through my system faster. Ugh, I wish I hadn't eaten anything! No food tomorrow until the party - maybe not even then. Hopefully I can get in a decent run in the early morning when it's not 90% humidity. So bummed :(

P.S. I'm not sure if this photo is Katherine McPhee or not, but whoever this lovely blonde is, she look awesome!


peanut :) said...

1) I'm glad you're doing well! I hope you don't plateau, thats what just happened to me. the things you just said were the same things I thought about a week ago. I'd drop a pound every 2 days, and then all of a sudden I just stopped losing anything. its a sucky feeling. Maybe you should raise your calorie intake for a few days to at least 1000cals to keep your metabolism rolling, then go back down.

2) I never weigh myself unless I'm butt naked in the morning after I've peed, before I eat anything. It makes you feel the best :)

3) I'm pretty sure that is katherine mcphee, and she looks great there!

carla's diet plan said...

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