I feel like I have been working very hard lately to keep my eating under control. I was exactly 135.0 this morning and I really haven't been exercising at all lately because of this God-awful weather.

I hereby swear that I will go for a run tomorrow morning. I can do it.

Is anyone else itching to travel? I studied abroad in Paris during college and my heart is just aching to go back. I think all of this up and down nonsense with Juan just makes me want to escape everything for a while. J'adore la France. I need to just buy a ticket and go. I don't know what I will find when I get there, but hopefully something worthwhile...

I had another "fight" with Juan on Tuesday night and I haven't spoken to him in more than twenty-four hours. It feels horrible, but he has been so awful to me lately that I just have to stick to my principles.

Work is keeping me busy enough that I don't have time to eat, which is fantastic. I go in either from 12-8 or 4-8 and do not take lunch breaks. I feel really powerful when I resist food.

Breakfast this morning was about six cherries, 4 mini baguette slices (probably one inch thick) with a bit of jam, and café au lait du soja.

Parisian inspired thinspo



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